"Soywax Melts Jar - Apple Spice "- 250g

"Soywax Melts Jar - Apple Spice "- 250g


Relax and unwind to the soothing scent of Apple Spice with these Fragrance Soywax Melts.

Wax melts are made from a natural blend of Soy waxes and contain no Paraffin Wax so your room will smell of fragrance and not oil.


Per jar:    Weight 250g 

Per wax melt: 1x2.5cm ( approx 16 pieces - 80g)


Ingredients/Materials: Soy Wax, Fragrance Oils, Glass Jar Manufacturer : AWM, Ltd, S3 8AL, UK Distributor: Ancient Wisdom s.r.o. Zavarska 7924/10G 91700 Trnava, Slovakia